Woods of the Wild (KONTAKT)

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Illuminate the beautiful, mystical side of orchestral music with WOODS OF THE WILD, the latest expansion into the world of THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE. This fresh, individually recorded woodwind section is obligatory for a rich and complete orchestral pallet. With triple tongues, rips, and trills, we’ve packed articulations not just for woodwinds but even for other wind instruments such as piccolo and alto flute and English horn. The library also includes mallets and other wooden drums to pound out a proper dose of savage intensity.

WOODS OF THE WILD is invoked by:

13 solo wind instruments with 5+ articulations each, plus bonus winds
4 ensemble articulations
Massive percussion sounds, including: Taiko, Tom Ensemble, Snare Drum, and more.
More wood-based percussion, such as: Marimba, Vibraphone, Crotales, Celeste, and more.
A MIDI-export feature
34 voicings for the powerful new Ensemble Engine
Pure Performance Legato – Makes legato instruments more intuitive to play
WOODS OF THE WILD works as a stand-alone instrument. It is also included in THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3.


In the world of faeries and satyrs, woodwinds carry a hidden magic that unlocks doors, creates portals through time, and gives birth to legends. With WOODS OF THE WILD, THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 obtains the old magic of lost tales and heroes’ journeys.

The Ensemble

WOODS OF THE WILD is not simply a winds and percussion library. It explores new, untamed directions in music, with inspiring articulations and an ensemble engine that provides the ability to create fully orchestrated music with the press of a simple chord.

WOODS OF THE WILD reproduces the sound of woodwind instruments in their softest as well as loudest dynamics. All woodwind instruments were recorded in three dynamic layers and each sample was also carefully hand-edited to morph smoothly and seamlessly between each layer.

Unlock the Magic
Flute 1&2
Piccolo Flute
Alto Flute
Oboe 1&2
English Horn
Clarinet 1&2
Bass Clarinet
Bassoon 1&2
Big Percussion (Taikos, Tom Ensemble, Gran Cassa, Tam Tam, Snare Drum, Piatti, Suspended Cymbals)
Percussion (Celesta, Crotales, Marimbaphone, Vibraphone, Xylophone)
Hand percussion (Castanets, Claves, Rods, Shaker, Sticks, Woodblocks, Finger Cymbals, Marktree, Tambourine, Triangle)

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