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Melodic sequencer plugin

  • A unique sequencing engine for weaving captivating melodic patterns and textures
  • Explore and sculpt creatively processed bells, keys, plucked strings, xylophones, and more
  • Craft immersive sequences using the four-layer engine

The Schema engine

Schema: Light revolves around a unique 16-step sequencer. Begin with four tempo-synced loops, each spanning two bars, then toggle up to 16 steps for each layer to create distinctive melodic patterns. Add expression using the mod wheel and explore advanced scaling possibilities with the enhanced engine. Whether you’re seeking rapid results or hands-on sculpting, Schema: Light offers an intuitive interface for any workflow.

Instant inspiration

Discover a curated collection of 200 carefully designed presets, each featuring four loops that can be shaped with various playback modes, envelopes, effects, and more. From gentle plucks and bells to dreamy keys, each of Schema: Light’s multi-sampled sound sources can be quickly swapped and previewed, inviting happy accidents and seamless experimentation.

Four layers, endless options

Each sound source offers four different variations. Version A is the original, flawlessly captured and enhanced with high-end outboard gear, while versions B, C, and D elevate the sounds further, infusing an array of stompboxes, modular systems, tape machines, advanced granular techniques, and more. Freely mute and solo each layer, or roll the dice to randomize loops, the 16 individual slices, or even the sequencer pattern itself.

Shape sounds your way

Journey deep into sound design, tailoring each of the 16 steps further by adjusting filters, decay, volume, and pitch. Experiment with polyrhythms by altering the lengths of looping patterns, and add character with a choice of six studio-grade effects assignable across two individual send slots.

Watch Schema: Light in action

Watch as our very own product expert, Boris Mezga, puts the Schema: Light engine to the test across three different styles, from kindling the initial sparks of creativity to transforming loops into fully inspired ideas.

Schema: Light walkthrough

Schema: Dark and Light bundle

Get the best of both worlds with the Schema: Dark and Light bundle. Pairing the deep and destructive pulses of Schema: Dark with the uplifting tones of Schema: Light, together they have all you need for a versatile sonic palette that will inspire any project.

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About the creator

Schema: Light was created in collaboration with pro sound and instrument designer Tobias Menguser. Since starting in the early 90s, he has created sounds and instruments for many of the industry’s biggest names, including providing sounds for an extensive catalog of almost 500 movie trailers.

Tobias is the founder of 10 Phantom Rooms, creating Kontakt instruments alongside Paul Haslinger and other creative minds.

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