Vintage Train Sound Effects FLAC (Sample Packs)

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Artist: The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library
Title : Vintage Train Sound Effects
Label: Hot Ideas
Original Release Date: May 5, 2015
Format: Digital [FLAC]
Total Length: 01:00:17
Genres: Sound Effects


  • 01 Diesel Train Passing by Away from Mic Take 1 [Hollywood Edge] 01:08
  • 02 Diesel Train Passing by Away from Mic Take 2 [Hollywood Edge] 02:07
  • 03 Diesel Train Passing by Mic [Hollywood Edge] 01:19
  • 04 Diesel Train Pulls up to and Past Mic [Hollywood Edge] 01:47
  • 05 Diesel Train Pulls up from Mid Shot and Passes Mic [Hollywood Edge] 02:21
  • 06 Continental Diesel Train Drives Past with Klaxon Horn Take 1 [Hollywood Edge] 00:31
  • 07 Continental Diesel Train Drives Past with Klaxon Horn Take 2 [Hollywood Edge] 00:45
  • 08 Diesel Train Idling Take 1 [Hollywood Edge] 02:53
  • 09 Diesel Train Idling Take 2 [Hollywood Edge] 02:01
  • 10 Diesel Train Idling Take 3 [Hollywood Edge] 00:53
  • 11 Diesel Rail Car Idling [Hollywood Edge] 00:50
  • 12 Diesel Train Idling with Nice Valve Air Noise [Hollywood Edge] 00:57
  • 13 Interior Diesel Train Ambience with Constant Metal Squeaks and Rattle. [Hollywood Edge] 02:49
  • 14 Interior Diesel Train Ambience with Heavy Rattle [Hollywood Edge] 01:03

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Vintage Train Sound Effects Flac

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