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  • 250MB Hard Disk

Custom designed to transform drab guitar tracks into evocative soundscapes, UJAM Finisher Voodoo comprises 50 bespoke multi-effects chains that run the gamut from gauzy atmospherics to dystopian sonic trash. Voodoo hides its magic — which lies in complex effects chains of up to 40 discrete processors — beneath a deceptively simple interface. You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to conjure up never-before-heard guitar tones. Simply choose one of Voodoo’s modes, crank up the Finisher control, and prepare to live deliciously! Need more customization? No problem. Four variation controls are on tap to let you fine-tune your aural concoctions. A balm for bland recordings and virtual instruments that dwell in the uncanny valley, UJAM Finisher Voodoo puts the mojo in your hands to reanimate any guitar!


Complex, easy-to-use effects chains

The level of sonic transformation provided by Finisher Voodoo is staggering. Lurking within its 50 custom multi-effects presets is a near-endless array of fuzz boxes, bit crushers, filters, modulators, saturators, and ambient effects. Best of all, everything is tucked behind a streamlined interface, enabling you to concentrate on your sounds — not on navigating a complicated patch-routing matrix.

Finisher control: the “magic knob”

Combining the UJAM Finisher Voodoo’s 50 effects modes and its Finisher knob will satisfy most users. When we demoed Voodoo here at Sweetwater, simply scrolling through the presets was enough to leave a lasting impression. We used Voodoo to transform virtual acoustic guitars into shimmering textural waves symphonies, morph stale arpeggiated chords into ear-tickling masterpieces, and convert on-the-fly direct recordings into attention-grabbing leads.

Variation controls yield surgical tone bending

You can coax a myriad of sounds out of Finisher Voodoo with its presets and Finisher control. That said, its four individual variation knobs — which alter their functions depending on which mode you choose — offer even more control over your effects. If you want to fine-tune your final sound, then these knobs are where it’s at.

UJAM Finisher Voodoo Features:

  • Creative multi-effects with 50 custom effects chains, specially designed for guitars
  • Contains a near-endless array of fuzz boxes, bit crushers, filters, modulators, saturators, ambient effects, and more
  • Injects flat, ordinary guitar sounds with life, energy, and excitement
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use user interface
  • Finisher control adjusts your effect preset’s intensity
  • 4 variation controls offer additional sound shaping

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