Toontrack Claustrophobic (EZX)


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Organic drums for any contemporary hip-hop, pop, dance or R&B track.

The Claustrophobic EZX fuses conventional and organic drums with a selection of percussive elements, all recorded in a heavily dampened room and mixed through high-end chains of outboard. It includes several kit presets, a large selection of optional instruments as well as a comprehensive library of presets.

All in all, you’ll have a highly versatile, tight and cutting edge percussive battery – tailored for any beat-driven hip-hopmodern popdance or R&B track.

  • Several instant kit presets
  • Large selection of optional snares, bass drums and cymbals
  • Percussive elements include: handclaps, footstomps, snaps, bells, triangle, chimes, tambourine, shaker and cowbell
  • Mixer presets by STS9, Richard Devine, DJ AmpLive, sub-ID and Count Bass D
  • Included MIDI library

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