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What is DrumNet
DrumNet is not just another sample-based drum machine. Using state-of-art AI technology, it allows you to easily create your own drum samples in any music genre and modify them at will, without any technical knowledge.

Infinite Variations based on your Own Samples

With our innovative Deep Resampling technology, you can now unlock infinite possibilities for creating unique and customized drum sample variations, giving your music a distinct edge and allowing your creativity to soar to new heights.

Simple, yet Powerful built-in Sequencer

Whether you’re looking to create a complex drum beat or a simple rhythm, our intuitive interface dramatically simplifies pattern creation, keeping the hassle at a minimum.
Get started with our collection of 200 brand-new hand-crafted presets. Explore drum sounds of House, Disco, R&B, Hip Hop, and lots more — all coming with individual layers.

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