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100+ inspiring presets give you instant access to tons of pro vocal strips – right out of the box.

Choose from a curated selection of genre-based presets like pop, R&B, hip-hop, rock, rap, singer-songwriter, and much more.

Or get creative with dozens of special effects presets, perfect for ad libs, intros, or anywhere you want to add some flavor to your vocals.

Unlimited creativity.

Xvox includes 17 custom-built modes, featuring next-gen algorithms built from scratch to provide the absolute best quality and performance. Explore the modes below.

Total Dynamic Control

Advanced Fusion Dynamics blends all the best parts of classic compression circuits to achieve everything from smooth and transparent to punchy and full of analog color and vibe.

Plus, the Ultra-Transparent De-Esser reduces harsh sibilance without grainy artifacts or dulling out your vocals.

Fine-Tune Your Tone

With an intuitive control set powered by Xvox’s advanced filter algorithms, you can quickly and easily dial in any vocal tone. Give your vocal the perfect amount of air and bring even the dullest recordings to life. Add rich warmth and body to thin vocals. Or provide the perfect amount of presence to help your vocal cut through any mix. All possible with just a few clicks.

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