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A unique combination of handcrafted chords and multidimensional sound design
Over 200 chord sets give instant harmonic ideas that can be randomized and tweaked
Start and finish tracks with over 900 stunning samples, or load in sounds from any library

Goodbye writers block, hello inspiration. Overflowing with samples, chord sets, effects, and presets, PLAYBOX comes loaded with everything you need to generate musical ideas. From igniting your creativity, to providing the final layer to complete a production, PLAYBOX lets you do it all. No matter your style or experience, PLAYBOX is a workflow gamechanger, giving instant and one-of-a-kind results for every music maker.

With over 900 immersive samples packed into six clever cubes, PLAYBOX comes ready to create. Randomize all sounds, mix it up one chord at a time, or layer samples note by note. Repurpose old sample libraries that are collecting dust on your hard drive by dragging and dropping up to 450 of your own sounds onto the user cube. There’s no need to manually pitch your samples to the chord — PLAYBOX will do the hard work for you.

Draw from a selection of deep pads, shimmering stabs, dynamic pulses, and multilayered swells.

A curated range of acoustic sampled sounds including bowed and plucked strings, organs, pianos, and treated percussion.

A floor-shaking array of subs, rumbles, and gritty low end, ready to form the bedrock of your productions.

Ethereal vox, with human sounds that are warped and distorted to form unique, harmonic textures.

Slamming doors, clinking ice cubes, igniting flames, and many more — a collection of atonal timbres that will give your music layers of character.

Load in up to 450 of your own samples, and let PLAYBOX give them a new lease of life.

From beatmakers to composers, and everyone in between, PLAYBOX offers a huge variety of creative possibilities, with a wide spectrum of sounds straight out of the box. Just starting a track? Roll the dice and let PLAYBOX deliver captivating sounds, inspiring chord sets, and happy accidents. Feeling more adventurous? Play in custom chords, breathe life into old samples, and shape your sounds using the onboard effects.

PLAYBOX comes packed with bespoke harmonies that are playable with just one finger, which means you don’t need in-depth knowledge of music theory to create your own chord patterns. Explore over 200 included chord sets and then tweak individual notes as much as you like. You can also import MIDI files straight in, or play in your own chords using the piano mode. And once you’ve found the perfect progression, all chords generated by PLAYBOX can be exported and used for any instrument in your DAW.

Get hands-on with a range of effects, in one easy-to-use interface. Experiment with the XY pad, for simple sound design, or roll the dice to discover a world of presets. Dive deeper with Arp, Strum, and Grain effects to add rhythm and texture, and dial in over 50 Ambience samples including sounds of forests, busy stations, and vinyl crackle. Choose from up to 14 high-grade effects, and experiment with the order of these in your processing chain for unique results. Dial in depth and feeling with humanized velocity and timing controls, plus a range of assignable modulation sources to make your sounds move.

Take a closer look at PLAYBOX with composer and producer Robot Koch, as he demonstrates how you can use randomization and layering to spark new ideas and refresh your workflow.

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