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The Kontakt instrument uses sounds recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage to create vast cinematic patches.

Native Instruments Orchestral Tools Arkhis
Two of Berlin’s elite music software developers have collaborated on a powerful cinematic sound design tool, Arkhis. Orchestral Tools and Native Instruments combine pristinely recorded sounds at Teldex Scoring Stage and an easy-to-use layering engine that’s designed to excel in creating textural, storytelling sounds.

Specialising in creating everything from ominous neo-noir scores to feel-good fantasy soundtracks, Arkhis boasts a vast collection of 160 multi-samples. Its layering possibilities mean you can play tonally unique instruments, suited to any on-screen narrative, be it quick accents or long, evolving passages.

The Kontakt instrument is built on a central playback module that can be easily mapped to any MIDI controller. You can choose from 90 sound sources, assigning them to three individuaully modulatable layers, with a single morph control stacking them from left to right. Movement and colour can be applied in realtime with a central LFO and effects control. This could be ideal for creating tense atmospheric build-ups, or to change-up a theme throughout a scene.

Native Instruments and Orchestral Tools’ brainchild is equipped with 200 presets categorised into Motions, Pads, Sparkles, Stutters, Sub, Swells, Textures. If YouTube comments are anything to go by, the instrument has already impressed members of the music technology community.

One comment reads “Native Instruments balancing the world by giving 2020 a good face after all the crap 2020 has been giving us. LOVE IT”, while another praises NI’s output since the last Kontakt update. “N.I has been on a roll with these last few releases since Kontakt 6…Please keep up the great work”

“I don’t even need this and yet I want to buy it. Man, I love modern sound design and what it offers even to the beginner already”, says one enthusiastic commenter. Finally, one of our favourites:

“World: We are having a pandemic
Native Instrument: Our Creativity is endemic”

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