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To Install & Use This Library Requires KONTAKT PRO You Have To Download KONTAKT PRO First From Our Website


You have a total of 1080 source sounds to explore, transform, combine, and create your own.Includes sounds of space, textures & hits processed on digital effects Compressor controls: attack, release threshold, ratio, input level Transient control: attack, sustain, output gain, input level. Sound Browser and 9 channel Mixer for changing sound and fx settings on each sound source.Volume control, pan, mute & solo of each channel Simple selection of sound sources and mixing to get new ones.Envelope and LFO settings for each channel.

Instrument Main Effects: delay, chorus algorithmic reverb, phaser, gainer and flanger.

  • Reverb controls: predelay, size (of the simulated room), colour, stereo and damping
  • Delay controls: time, damping, pan feedback and gain Chorus control: depth, phase, speed and gain
  • Phaser controls: depth, speed, phase, feedback & gain
  • Flanger control: speed, phase, depth, feedback, color and gain



  • 5,32 GB (Lossless compression) library size, 1080 samples
  • 20 Built-in Effects: Compressor, Delays, Reverb, Limiter, Phaser, Gainer, Flanger, Transient Master, Chorus, Distortion, Lo-Fi, 3 and 4-Band EQ & more
  • Full set of effects in the settings for total customization
  • 7 Presets (Nki files): Textures, Spaces, and Hits sounds
  • Powerful Layering Engine with Sound Browser and Fx
  • Sampled with Analog & Digital equipment.

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