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Komorebi Audio Electronic Explorations Sample Pack

Komorebi Audio Presents – Electronic Explorations, a bright and eclectic sample pack influenced by modern wave and hardwave music, 90’s video game OST’s and early 2000’s trance.

Inside you will find emotional and inspiring arp loops, extreme distorted and resonant filtered bass, a variety of different pad loops and punchy modern EDM & Hardwave drums.

Created using a variety of hardware synths such as the Matrix-6, resampled real world instruments such as flute, ocarina and viola and a host of software synths and FX such as Serum, FM8 and Spire.

Created by electronic music producer Remnant.exe (Sable Valley, Vibe.Digital) and powered by Komorebi Audio.

In total this pack weighs in at over 600mb. All sounds are 100% royalty free and exported as 24 bit .WAV files.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Full drum loops
  • 10 No kick loops
  • 10 Glitch drum loops
  • 10 Hihat loops
  • 6 Hihat one shots
  • 14 Percussion one shots
  • 10 Kick one shots
  • 15 Snare one shots
  • 11 Fx one shots
  • 15 Pad loops
  • 20 Synth lead loops
  • 24 Bass loops
  • 20 Arp loops
  • 9 Arp one shots
  • 21 Bass one shots
  • 19 Synth lead one shots
  • 11 Pad one shots

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