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  • Non-Repeating Round Robin:

    The playback engine uses a non-repeating algorithm to split 2 samples either side in a round-robin fashion. This results in a realistic sound and removes the “machine-gun” effect.

  • No Weak Picking:

    In addition to regular sampling, I went in and recorded individual atonal pick attacks to layer on top of the original notes. No more weak picking!

  • Simple Writing:

    No keyswitches. Use low-velocity for palm mutes and high velocity for sustains. Additional articulations are mapped to the coloured FX keys (like Pick Scrapes or Dead Notes).

  • Fret Noise and Release Samples:

    Additional noise samples were individually recorded and have a random chance to trigger on release.

  • Force Downpick:

    For riffs that need to slam extra hard, the Force Downpick switch mutes the up-stroke articulations. This can be automated using any DAW’s inbuilt automation.

  • Direct Signal Only:

    Achromic outputs a raw signal (DI), you’ll need to provide your own sweet-sounding amps or simulations to really make the sound your own.

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