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Are you ready for the unexpected?  We proudly present Hybrid Grinder. This forward thinking sample pack is set for Industrial, Cinematic, Cross-Breed, Broken Beats, Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Techno, Sound Design and more. Use your imagination. Just check both the Demos from start to finish and listen to this pack unfold. Serious stuff.

If you seek thee most modern approach to sound design while pushing your music into places you never thought possible. Then Hybrid Grinder is the sample pack for you.

This pack is also fantastic for experimental electronic music and industrial Techno. Use this pack to create amazing texture and grit in your next production. The Grinder is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

Hybrid Grinder is 100% License Free and will work in any modern Daw as you might have already guessed.  This new Industrial Strength sample pack was created by Vi Ta Lee, the producer of our Raw Kick collection, Drop Kick and Industrial Ni Massive to name a few.  Yeah this pack is dope… to put it lightly.

You get 6 dark Industrial drum kits to create new beats or just mesh them with your sounds or use them as is. You’re the boss. This pack contains over 300 Loops and of course a mean set of sounds to really make this a go to pack.

Once again we are pushing the limits of sound giving you audio tools for you to expand on and really use in so many ways. Let Hybrid Grinder grind its way thru your next Track, Remix or Sound Design Project.

  • 50 Loops 122 Bpm
  • 50 Loops 128 Bpm
  • 50 Loops 160 Bpm
  • 50 Loops 180 Bpm
  • 20 Fade Ins
  • 27 Hard Kicks
  • 30 Synth Fx
  • 15 Dark Drum Kit
  • 38 Industrial Kits
  • 8 Extras
  • 338 Files
  • 664 Mb

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