Freaky Loops Bass Circus DnB (Sample Packs)


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‘Bass Circus: DnB’ brings you hard and heavy bass music sounds to feed your ears. The first edition in the series ‘Bass Circus: DnB’ focuses on the harsher and darker side of DnB sounds. are you ready to inject some poison into your music.

This heavy-hitting collection delivers high-quality source sounds which have been waiting to fall into your creative hands. Covering all the essentials from cranked-up beats to tear-out basses, Amen style breaks to melodic ambiences, chest pounding drum loops to heavyweight grooves, everything you need to create your own DnB hits from the ground up is here.
Whether you are producing Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Jungle, Neuro or Dubstep and like to switch it up with something heavy. If you are looking for something along the lines of this, you should definitely spend some time with this pack.
If you are seeking new sounds to add an incredible sonic impact to your production, then just dive into this pack and see what’s inside.
Product Details:
• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.03 GB
• 428 Files
• 250 Loops
• 72 Drum Loops
• 40 Basses
• 29 Melodics
• 20 Atmospheres
• 20 Pads
• 18 Hard Breaks
• 18 Synths
• 17 FX
• 16 Vox
• 152 One-Shots
• 26 Bass Hits
• 23 Synth Hits
• 12 FX Hits
• 11 Sub Hits
• 10 Vox Hits
• 70 Drum Hits
• 6 Claps
• 16 Cymbals
• 20 Kicks
• 12 Percussions
• 16 Snares
• 5 Inspiration Kits (Including 21 Stems & 5 Full Mixes)

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