Flamenco Guitars Vol 2 (Sample Packs)


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Add some Latin heat to your tracks with “Flamenco Guitars Vol 2”. This pack features 88 loops arranged in 5 convenient loop packs ranging from 80 to 140 BPM. All loops were recorded with high-end Spanish Guitars are perfect for layering, mixing and matching. Add the sizzling sound of real Latin guitars to hip hop, Trap, Chillout, Downtempo or Groove productions.

 Pack Contains:

 Flamenco Track 1 – 94bpm – Bm

  • 7 Lead Riffs
  • 4 Rhythm loops
  • 4 Outro Chords


 Flamenco Track 2 – 80bpm – Am

  • 11 Lead Riffs
  • 4 Rhythm loops


 Flamenco Track 3 – 100bpm – Am

  • 10 Lead Riffs
  • 6 Rhythm loops


 Flamenco Track 4 – 140bpm – C

  • 10 Lead Riffs
  • 7 Rhythm loops
  • 1 Outro Phrase


 Flamenco Track 5 – 100bpm – Am

  • 12 Lead Riffs
  • 9 Rhythm loops
  • 3 Outro Chords

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