Aequor Sound Dub Techno Pack (Sample Packs)


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Sample pack details

Product details:

  • 379 Mb of Content
  • 82 files in Total
  • 24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV
  • Loops:
    • 14 x Kick Loops
    • 12 x Bass Loops
    • 12 x Chord Loops
    • 10 x Pad Loops
    • 10 x Hat Loops
    • 9 x Drums & Perc Loops
    • 4 x Shaker Loops
    • 5 x Melodic Synth & Seq Loops
    • 6 x Noise LoopsDESCRIPTION:Methodub, as one of conceptual dub techno artists, created these ten sketches. Ten tracks with deep vibes, classic grooves and lots of Methodub’s personal tricks. Each sketch has its own style, its own personality and is not created according to one template. If you are looking for some special dub techno sound, then this package is something you should definitely try.Methodub is an electronic musican from Ukraine. He works in various genres: from dub & ambient techno to deep & melodic progressive house. In his production, Methodub adheres to a deep atmospheric sound with lots of textures. He considers himself to be more of a sound designer that writing music than a musician who creating a sound design. Methodub – artist of such labels like Incepto, Microbios, Lincor, COOD, Inmost etc.After purchasing this product, you can freely use all sounds from this pack in your commercial works and projects.

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