Wavelet Audio – Groth (KONTAKT)



To Install & Use This Library Requires KONTAKT PRO You Have To Download KONTAKT PRO First From Our Website



  • Works with Free Kontakt Player
  • NI Kontakt 6.2+
  • 10.6 GB of hard drive space (15.6 GB of original sample material)
  • Compatible with hardware by Native Instruments


    • 61 Detailed Programmed Instruments
    • True legato
    • Multiple Round Robins
    • Multiple dynamic layers
    • Bonus Construction Kits and Foley Sounds
    • 24-bit / 48 kHz lossless NCW format
    • Snapshots


      Playable Instruments
      • Tagelharpa
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • 2 Dombras
      • Solo Cello
      • Orchestral Cellos
      • Orchestral Violins
      Loops & Pulses
      • Tagelharpa Loops
      • Cello Loops
      • Didgeridoo
      • Marching Loops
      • Breather Loops
      • Clocking Loops
      • Low Pulses
      • Orchestral Effects
      • Kanglings
      • War Bends & Horns
      • Signature Sounds
      • Pings
      • Hits & Impacts
      • Air & Human Whooshes
      • Low Impacts & Booms
      • Pre-Impact Whooshes
      • Risers
      • Short Hits & Impacts
      • Sub Drops
      • Ensemble Percussion
      • Single Percussion
      • Single Sweetener Percussion
      • Wood Percussion
      • Luiza Legato
      • Throat Singing
      • Bobby Legato
      • Voice Sequences
      • Female Rage Screaming
      • Drones (Complex and Simple)
      • 19 Organic Synths
      • Construction Kits
      • Foley Sounds

        Meticulously sampled classical instruments meet passionately recorded folk and traditional instruments in one epic library. The sounds were recorded and performed with the collaboration of professional musicians, sound designers, and sound engineers. This toolbox offers a vast breadth of instruments and alternative techniques: from fully sampled northern tagelharpa and brutal buben drum to cold Tibetan kangling and self-built war horns. GROTH also delivers a massive number of organic sound designs for instant access. The Construction Kits will help you get inspired while saving time with ready-to-use elements, structures, and tricks from experienced composers. No need for third-party tools or plugins — all instruments are mixed, fully compatible, and ready to use.

        Curating, sourcing, booking, and recording the many instruments and musicians for this project was a worthy challenge. The characteristics of each deeply rooted instrument necessitate a special and unique approach. Countless hours have been spent over the last two and a half years to integrate all these extraordinary instruments into our boldest and most inspiring toolbox.