u-he Zebra2 Modular Synthesizer Plug-in



Tech Specs (MAC & Windows)

  • Software Type:Music Software
  • Platform:, MAC & Windows
  • Upgrade/Full Version:Full Unlocked
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • License Type:Lifetime Activation
  • Format:  VST3,VST,VST2 AU, Standalone
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:Intel / AMD Multi-core CPU, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – OSX :10.9 or later

Virtual Modular Synth. With Stripes.

u-he Zebra2 is a modular synthesizer plug-in that generates sound using many different types of synthesis and routes it all through a powerful modulation section. With Zebra2, you can create any additive, freehand, or spline-based waveform you can dream up, apply a massive selection of spectral effects, and morph between the waves before sending them through classic synth filters. You can then use that entire sound as an FM modulator or send it through a comb filter. The sky’s the limit: after all, you’ve got the building blocks of physical modeling synthesis. With its great sound quality, flexibility, ergonomics, low CPU usage, and all-stereo signal path, u-he Zebra2 belongs in your virtual rack.

A real workhorse synth

Almost all parameters in Zebra2 are available as modulation targets. That’s why at Sweetwater, we consider it a great choice for composers and keyboardists who need a real workhorse synth. Considering its seemingly endless sound-design possibilities, however, Zebra2’s adaptive interface never overwhelms you with gratuitous complexity. Modules only appear when you’re using them. When you add an oscillator to Zebra2’s central patching grid, it will appear on the left; use an LFO for modulation, and it will appear on the right. u-he Zebra2 is also a solid investment, as it’s hugely popular, with a vibrant user community and thousands of free presets online.

u-he Zebra2 Features at a Glance:

  • Unique patching system is easy to work with; complexity never gets in your way
  • Crystal-clear sonics – which can turn dark and dirty if you want
  • No static samples – pure synthesis delivers natural, expressive sounds
  • Featured in blockbusters The Dark KnightInceptionTransformersTron:Legacy, and more
  • Editor window is resizable; alternative skins available
  • Clever design and adaptive UI keep everything you need on a single page
  • Vibrant community of helpful users in the KVR forum
  • Thousands of free presets available online

u-he Zebra2 belongs in your virtual rack!


Operating System

MAC OS, Windows OS