Sonible Smart Bundle 2023



Tech Specs (MAC & Windows)

  • Software Type:Music Software
  • Platform:, MAC & Windows
  • Upgrade/Full Version:Full Unlocked
  • Download/Boxed:Download
  • License Type:Lifetime Activation
  • Format:AAX, VST3,VST,VST2 AU, Standalone
  • Hardware Requirements – PC:Intel / AMD Multi-core CPU, 4GB RAM minimum
  • OS Requirements – OSX :10 or later

smart:EQ 3: Precision 24-band EQ with Adaptive Learning
AI has opened new doors in music production that traditional effects never could. Take the Sonible smart:EQ 3 plug-in, for example. At its core, this extremely musical 24-band equalizer effortlessly sculpts and shapes mixes without the deleterious phasing effects common to lesser types of EQs. But what makes the Sonible smart:EQ 3 so much fun and so useful in the studio is its adaptive-learning EQ correction. Just press Learn, feed it some audio, and smart:EQ 3 automatically adjusts for any tonal imbalances in your tracks and mixes. Simple as that! Muddy vocals, boomy kick drums, flat-sounding guitars — these common recording imperfections are a thing of the past with Sonible smart:EQ 3 in your effects tray. Skeptical? Don’t be: smart:EQ 3 gives you full control over your EQ curves. You can select which part of the spectrum, and by what degree, smart:EQ 3 is allowed to treat your audio, or just chart in your own custom EQ curves altogether. And thanks to a wide library of profiles for common sources (“Voc Female,” “Grand Piano,” “Slap Bass,” etc.), Sonible smart:EQ 3 will never treat your track differently than a real mix engineer might. You can even create and load custom profiles to tell smart:EQ 3 how to treat future sound optimizations. What’s more, smart:EQ 3 has been improved over previous versions with a host of user-inspired features, including cross-channel processing, dynamic adaptation, minimum-phase filtering, and linear-phase filtering.

24-band linear-phase EQ with adaptive EQ learning
Builds corrective EQ curves using AI
Automatically corrects muddy vocals, boomy kick drums, and flat-sounding guitars
Wide library of source Profiles (“Voc Female,” “Grand Piano”) point smart:EQ 3 in the right direction
Custom Profiles inform smart:EQ 3 how to process future tracks

smart:reverb: Mix-tuned ‘Verbs on Demand
What if you could get big, immersive reverbs on each of your tracks without masking crucial elements in your mix? That’s the very premise behind Sonible’s AI-driven smart:reverb plug-in. Sonible smart:reverb analyzes your input audio and gives you mix-ready results automatically, without having to audition dozens of presets. Just imagine: lush lead vocals that remain intelligible, arena rock drums that stay punchy and present, and enveloping synth pads that melt into the background. Sonible smart:reverb’s learning-based reverb generator provides an ideal starting point sans the guesswork. An intuitive XY pad lets you swing between Natural (upper) and Artificial (lower) and Rich (right) and Intimate (left) flavors of ambience. You also get traditional reverb controls and two real-time visual representations of your virtual spaces to whip those reverbs into shape in new and familiar ways.

Supplies mix-tuned reverbs on demand
Builds custom reverbs by listening to input material
Designed not to mask or wash out lead sources
Saves time in the mixdown stage
Intuitive XY pad flies between Natural and Artificial, Rich and Intimate ambiences
Familiar controls let you tailor reverbs manually
smart:comp 2: Automatically Irons Out Inconsistencies in Dynamics and EQ
Traditional compression plug-ins can leave sound sources sounding dull, hyped, or lifeless after treatment. Fortunately, Sonible’s smart:comp 2 gives you all the squeeze you need while at the same time bringing post-process frequencies under control for smoother, more realistic results. Sonible smart:comp 2 is driven by a powerful learn-based UI that is fun to use and extremely efficient at getting sources ready for mixdown. In addition to traditional compression controls (threshold, ratio, attack, release), smart:comp 2 also gives you a Spectral Compression option to limit how pokey or subdued post-comp frequencies are across the audible frequency range. This is no simple multiband compressor at work — smart:comp 2 continuously looks at over 2,000 frequency bands to give your audio the best possible transparency and definition in a mix.

Automatically irons out inconsistencies in dynamics and EQ
A strong starting point for a range of sources: vocals, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, and more
Continuously analyzes and corrects over 2,000 bands of audio
Familiar compression controls let you fine-tune analyzed tracks

smart:limit: Brickwall Limiting Goes AI
Sonible smart:limit pumps up your mix’s loudness, while also infusing it with the dynamics it needs to breathe. This brickwall limiter plug-in deploys AI-powered parametrization, safeguarding your mix’s nuance and detail as it yields you transparent, uncompromising limiting. You can choose a genre-based profile to get up and running fast, or upload a reference track. And of course, you can always manipulate the plug-in manually without AI-assisted processing. With smart:limit, you get extensive real-time loudness and dynamics monitoring — no addition metering plug-ins required. This plug-in also accommodates the safe zone requirements of popular streaming platforms, as well as those of common industry loudness standards. If you demand worry-free limiting, Sonible smart:limit supplies everything you need for producing high-quality final masters.

Automatically pumps your mix’s loudness and infuses it with dynamics
AI-powered parametrization safeguards yield transparent, uncompromising limiting
Choose a genre-based profile or upload a reference track to get up and running fast
Use with or without AI-powered parametrization
Provides extensive real-time loudness and dynamics monitoring


Operating System

MAC OS, Windows OS