Nomad Factory – 80s Space



80s Spaces is a reverb plug-in that captures the essence of the early digital sound era.

Developed by Nomad Factory in collaboration with Plugivery and MoReVox, This plug-in is designed to emulate the typical reverbs and space effects used by legendary artists and producers of that era, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, David Bowie, U2, Queen and many others.

80s Spaces v2 is based on convolution technology, which means it uses high-quality impulse responses (IRs) to capture the characteristics of real reverb units and spaces. The plug-in comes with 250 IRs, covering a wide range of reverb models and styles, from gated snares and drums to lush vocal halls and plates, to short rooms and chorused verbs.

The plug-in has a simple and user-friendly interface, with four main sections: Reverb, Effect, Mix, and Display. The Reverb section lets you adjust the pre-delay, attack, decay, and gate parameters of the reverb, as well as choose from 12 reference reverb models, such as Lexicon 480L, EMT 250, AMS RMX16, Yamaha SPX90, and more.

The Effect section lets you tweak the lo and hi-cut filters, chorus, and width controls of the reverb, as well as add some color and tilt EQ to shape the tone. The Mix section lets you control the input and output levels, as well as the dry/wet balance of the reverb. The Display section shows you a visual representation of the reverb settings and a level meter.

Download the free demo version and try it out for yourself.


  • 250 high-quality convolution impulse responses
  • 12 reference reverb models
  • 510 well organized presets
  • Pre Delay
  • Chorus
  • Width
  • Hi/Low Pass Filters
  • Dry/Wet Control
  • Gate
  • Decay
  • Parameter Display with intelligent Waveform Overview
  • Resizable GUI up to 200%


Watch 80s Spaces in action Video

Watch 80s Spaces in action