Naroth Audio BLOOM (KONTAKT)



To Install & Use This Library Requires KONTAKT PRO You Have To Download KONTAKT PRO First From Our Website



A beautiful concept of sonic exploration: Bloom. With hundreds of sound sources encapsulated in four powerful engines, Bloom discovers a new dimension of morphing the traditional into something else. Bloom is the perfect tool for the creative mind delivering obscure soundscapes, lush pads, to tantalizing pulses and beyond.
Bloom features a wide range of internal sounds at your disposal. From delicate strings to high octane guitars, intimate woodwinds to otherworldly synths, Bloom has the right material and tools to deliver a unique sonic experience. An ocean of sound sources matched with powerful effects and modules gives you a new sonic playground with boundless possibilities. We sought out a team of highly talented sound designers to help create our factory presets. Inside you will find ethereal pads, dark and dangerous drones, energetic pulses, soundscapes to transport you elsewhere, and much more.


The most powerful feature of bloom is its intuitive morphing. Every parameter and effect has the ability to be bloomed where you can set a start point and an end point to be controlled by the mod wheel (or any cc# of your choice). From this an endless amount of combinations can be made to create unique sonic palettes.


Within each of Bloom’s four engines you have full control over editing the sound with sample starts, voices, detune, keyboard range, two types of envelopes, and more.
Bloom also contains two forms of granular synthesis, the classic grain and a unique form which we call “Petals”.
Petals is obscure and random, just like nature, Within both granular modes you have a full set of controls with attack, release, octaves, frequency, length, range, and width


Inside you will find 11 layer effects and 8 global effects each with the ability to be bloomed. Each layer can be effected independently, allowing you an endless creative freedom for editing presets or designing your own.

  • Layer Effects : distortion – lofi – tape – vinyl – delay – reverb – chorus – flanger – lfo motion – eq – 11 filter types
  • Global Effects : distortion – delay – convolution reverb – chorus – phaser – compressor – eq – 2 filter types


Bloom comes with a custom built Granular Synthesis Engine. With easy and intuitive controls you can create everything from lush oceans of sound to delicate sonic dust.


Bloom was developed with motion in mind. Our custom built and intuitive rhythm engine gives you an endless amount of possibilities with the hundreds of sound sources.
The step sequencer contains a wide range of controls from sample start offset to filters and more. Included as well is a wide variety of rhythm presets to get you started.


Each Sound Source contains up to 22 Articulations or Variants

  • GUITARS Acoustic – Bass – Bulbul Tarang – Electrics – Strum Sticks – Ukelele
  • VOCALS Cavern Shouts – Mongolian Khargyraa + Sygyt – 2 Female Vocalists – 2 Male Vocalists – Whistles
  • AMBIENCES City Ambience – Nature Ambience – Found Objects
  • METALS Bells – Gamelan – Glock – Hang + Steel Drums – Kalimba – Marimba – Chimes – Piano – Bowls – Temple Bells – Tongue Drum – Discs – Waterphone
  • BRASS French Horns – Saxophone – Trumpet – Tuba
  • SYNTHS Basses – Brass – Classics – Designed – FX – Keys – Strings – Tape – Voice – Winds
  • STRINGS Cello – Erhu – Morin Khuur – Super Cello – Intimate Violin – Avant Violin
  • WOODWINDS Bassoon – Clarinet – Digiridoo – Dizi – Duduk – Flute – Gemshorn – Harmonica – Hulusi – Jawharp – Kazoo – Melodica – Oboe – Ocarina – Ostrich Eggs – Penny Whistle – Piccolo – Quena – Recorder – Venova

BLOOM details:

  • 500+ sound sources (5.75 GB)
  • 200+ customizable parameters
  • 250 presets from world class designers
  • Intuitive preset browser with tags
  • 11 layer effects / 8 global effects
  • Import user sounds and wavetables
  • Granular Synthesis
  • Custom Sequencer
  • 24bit 48kHz samples
  • Evolving pads, soundscapes, drones, pulses
    and more