Muze Eclipse (KONATKT)



To Install & Use This Library Requires KONTAKT PRO You Have To Download KONTAKT PRO First From Our Website


  • Features

    • 50.7 GB (Lossless compression)
      library size,25920 samples
    • 14 Built-in Effects: Compressor,
      Delays, Reverb, Limiter, Cabinet, Gainer, Rotator, Stereo Panner,
      Chorus, Phaser, Flanger,
      3 and 5-Band EQ & more
    • Full set of effects in the settings
      for total customization
    • 864 Presets: Textures, Synths,
      Pads and Bass
    • Powerful Layering Engine with
      XY Pad Modulation
    • Sampled with Analog synthesizers
      using digital equipment.
  • Kontakt engine features

    • Custom User Inteface
    • Compressed 24Bit / 48KHz Samples
    • Fine-tuned three-band EQ for each channel
    • A flexible user interface that allows you to control all aspects of the
      sound and fx (layering, morphing,
      blending all kinds of sounds
      with each other).
    • Each preset has four layers (mixing with xy pad) with the ability
      to mix from 2 to 216 sounds
    • Buit-In Sources menu with more than 200 Sounds
  • Requirements

    • 8 GB Ram more if need of
      loading more sample sets)
    • CPU Intel i5 or equivalent Mac
      or PC
    • Kontakt Retail Version: v.5.8 or
    • MIDI Keyboard