Lotic ‘body’ (Sample Packs)



If industrial is a sound you’re into, Lotic has delivered the pack for you. Regarding the Berlin-based producer’s latest album, Power, Pitchfork said: “Hearing a flurry of hi-hats and the growl of a square-wave synth can be alienating, albeit thrilling, without an explicitly human element to latch onto; by lacing the voice into their work, Lotic offers a hand to the listener, as if saying, ‘I’m here with you’.” Now, you can use their sounds that almost teeter some unnamable edge while inviting the listener to be a part of what can best be described as a movement in your tracks.

 Pack includes: 

  • 57 Loops
  • 66 One Shots
  • LOTIC_body_beats
  • LOTIC_body_beat_loops
  • LOTIC_body_beat_one_shots
  • LOTIC_body_melodies
  • LOTIC_body_vocals
  • LOTIC_body_vocal_fills
  • LOTIC_body_vocal_one_shots