Dawesome Kult



KULT Synthesizer: Where Innovation Meets Sound

KULT pushes the boundaries of technology and synthesis to craft mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind synth sounds. It offers a sonic spectrum ranging from warm to cold, soft to hard, and familiar to utterly foreign. KULT effortlessly bridges the gap between vintage and futuristic, promising a sonic adventure like no other.

The Heart of KULT: Two Independent Oscillators

At the core of KULT lies its beating heart – two independent and incredibly potent oscillators. These oscillators are based on the intriguing mathematical chaos theory of Strange Attractors, offering a selection of over 30 models. From classic waveforms to chaotic sculpted sounds, KULT caters to the desires of West Coast Buchla-style synthesis enthusiasts. Innovative sound-shaping options generate organic overtones that are nothing short of paradise for sound designers.

Visual Synthesis: A Game-Changer

KULT’s unique sound engine visualizes and sculpts sound as curves in 2D space. This innovative approach to synthesis opens up unprecedented possibilities for shaping audio. The real magic happens when you experience the mesmerizing visual feedback. Ever struggled to grasp the intricacies of FM synthesis? KULT simplifies it and takes your understanding to a new level.

Diverse Sound Palette with Extended Filters

KULT’s distinctive oscillators create a vast array of sound tones, further molded by intuitive FM and AM synthesis. These interact harmoniously with natural, organic sources. The extended filter section boasts a formant filter for each voice, two comb filters driven by a distortion stage, and an analog filter with two coupled stages.

Creative Potential with KULT

Let KULT captivate your senses and dive into its boundless possibilities. This instrument is your gateway to fresh inspiration, a tool that your music truly deserves.

Key Features:

  • Two unique oscillators with innovative sound shaping parameters.
  • Over 30 oscillator models to choose from.
  • FM synthesis (Frequency Modulation).
  • AM synthesis (Amplitude Modulation).
  • Complex filter section with Formant Filter, 2x Comb Filter, and 2x Analog Filter.
  • Creative arpeggiator.
  • Full MPE support.
  • Powerful and intuitive modulation system.