Classic Deep House (Sample Packs)



From 80s house pioneers like Larry Heard, MAW and Todd Terry through to 90s superstars like MK, Kerri Chandler and DJ Sneak, this sample pack is loaded with sounds that capture the raw energy synonymous with the golden era of US-leaning deep house.

Packed with jackin’ drums and shuffling percussion grooves, bumpin’ basslines, retro organ riffs, classic piano chords, all-analogue synths, soaring strings, funky drum fills, gritty drum hits and sampler-ready chord one-shots, this collection is overflowing with authentic inspiration for classic house, deep house and US house.

Drums > Everything you need to get that authentic pumpin and jackin 90s house sound! 108 quintessential deep house grooves including the usual stripped-out stems for total beat control.

Bass > 129 bumping analogue basslines spanning the house and deep house spectrum: Classic SH-101 workouts, DX7 riffs and jumping Juno licks. All key-labeled and offered with MIDI versions as standard.

Organ Loops > Pure 90s house, deep house and US garage house organ loops created from the iconic DX7 and Korg M1. All loops are key-labeled and offered with MIDI.

Synth Loops > Classic chord progressions, rich analogue stabs, soulful filtered melodics and trippy synth leads: 103 essential melodic loops oozing classic and deep house sensibilities. Key-labeled and offered with MIDI.

Piano Loops > A pivotal sound in classic deep house of the 90s: load up on 50 bright and bold piano riffs from classic synths of the day. Key-labeled with MIDI included.

Pad Loops > Rich, smooth, soulful and deep selection of polyphonic pads to take things on a seriously deep tip. Key information and MIDI provided throughout.

Tops & Percussion Loops > Two folders of kick-free drum tools crafted from classic machines such as the 707 and 909. Sampler and tape machine processed for added warmth and grit – just like the house masters of the 90s.

Chord Stabs, Pads & Strings > 103 authentic analogue synth chords stabs, synth strings and polyphonic pads – simply fire up your favourite sampler and get jamming for that distinctive US and deep house vibe.

Drum Fills > 20 funked-up and sampler-jacked drum fills to give your drums that jacked 90s flavour! Tempo-synced for easy drag-and-drop use in your DAW.

FX > Classic synth-based spot FX: lasers, blasts, modulations, shifters and lifters. Arrangement essentials that never let you down.

Drum Hits > Classic house and deep house beatmaking becomes a breeze with 150+ classic drum machine and vintage processed drum hits. Contains sub-folders of 135 killer kicks, crunchy claps, crispy hats and primed percussion hits for instant old school house vibes! We’ve also created a handful of ready-to-play drum kits for instant inspiration.

  • 129 Bass Loops / 129 MIDI
  • 20 Drum Fills
  • 108 Drum Loops
  • 52 Organ Loops / 52 MIDI
  • 83 Pads / 82 MIDI
  • 50 Percussion Loops
  • 50 Piano Loops / 50 MIDI
  • 24 String Loops / 24 MIDI
  • 103 Synth Loops / 102 MIDI
  • 63 Tops Loops
  • 53 Fx Hits
  • 103 Chord Shots
  • 19 Sustained Strings
  • 20 Claps
  • 44 Hats
  • 57 Kicks
  • 63 Percussion Hits
  • 17 Snares
  • 5 x Drum Kits for Ableton Drum Rack, Battery 4, Kong & EXS24