Audiobro – Modern Scoring Strings Expanded Legato (KONTAKT)



To Install & Use This Library Requires KONTAKT PRO You Have To Download KONTAKT PRO First From Our Website


MSS ELExpanded Legato is an add-on library to the main MSS library with an additional 60GB worth of Sordino, Sul Tasto, Sul Pont, and… legato, portamento, and glissando articulations (not available in the main MSS library). Mixed down to four different microphone mixes, the breadth of articulations and bowing techniques were chosen to offer an enormous range of colors and emotions for your productions. Enjoy these new delicate and inspiring string sonorities with extra legato features like “Bloom,” “Crescendo,” and “Attack.

The Divisis:

  • 16 Violins – recorded in 2 divisis (8 Vns) separately
  • 14 Violins II – recorded in 2 divisis (7 Vns) separately
  • 12 Violas – recorded in 2 divisis (6 Vas) separately
  • 10 Cellos – recorded in 2 divisis (5 Cls) separately
  • 8 Basses – recorded in 2 divisis (4 Cbs) separately

Here is a partial list of Modern Scoring Strings’ Features:

LASS 3 User Interface
Modern Scoring Strings Performance User Interface

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Like MSS, MSS EL is part of our newest and most recently recorded 60-piece “a2” divisi (2 parts divisi per section) string library that has been painstakingly developed by recording different divisi sections (a half a section at a time) on a beautiful sounding scoring stage giving you unprecedented control of each instrument and section.

Modern Scoring Strings Expanded Legato is available as a bundle with MSS Full, but it is also available as a separate product. While the main MSS Full library includes Sordino, Sul Tasto, and Sul Pont sustains, the “main” library does not offer the legato, portamento, or glissando transitions for those articulations. We felt it was better to split out the 60GB of additional legato articulations to a different add-on library to give users the option based on their needs.