Swar Systems – SwarPlug 4 Bundle



SwarPlug 4 Bundle

Product Details

Special bundle offer including SwarShala 4 All India Edition along with SwarPlug 4.

This bundle always includes the legacy library with over 70 Indian instruments. To those, you can optionally add Multi-Layered Packs (MLPs) that are improved samples sets of various instruments. Check out our Instruments section for more information about all those voices.

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Key features

  • Over 100 perfectly sampled Indian instruments
  • Customizable mapping of playing areas with specific parameters settings
  • Multi-mic fader (for ML instruments)
  • MPE support
  • Cross-Legato mode for seamless cross-fading pitch bendings
  • Scales customization with semitone tuning
  • Modulations panel with a large array of modulation possibilities
  • Time-stretching
  • Buses and effect
  • and much more…