Splice Sounds – deadmau5 Chimaera (Sample Packs)



Introducing Chimaera

Splice is proud to present deadmau5’s Chimaera sample pack exclusively on Splice Sounds! This official sample collection is filled with 110 unreleased raw melody lines in MIDI and 73 new custom kicks that he has collected over 6 years. This stands out from other packs as users will be able to dive into each sample like it is sheet music. Everything comes royalty-free and 100% cleared for commercial usedeadmau5 is one of the latest artists to support our cloud platform for music creation, even using KRNE’s Splice Sounds samples to create his recent Soundcloud release, “ebrts” – a track he played at Ultra Music Festival last month. His unparalleled passion for music creation has garnered him international chart success as well as 6 GRAMMY nominations. With the Chimaera sample pack, Mau5 gives us another glimpse into his artistic process