Spitfire Audio Albion ONE (KONTAKT)



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Albion ONE is a renowned standard orchestral sample library that provides everything you need to create movie music. The title includes a 109-piece orchestra accompanied by a stunning cinematic percussion section recorded at the world famous Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios in London. Plus, there are award-winning deformable loops and a huge steam synthesizer. Albion ONE is highly dynamic and energetic, versatile across genres. Choose from four microphone positions and a wide range of articulations, including our esteemed legatos, for added control. This industry standard product is equally suitable for beginners and established composers alike,
To create a great film scoring tool, you need to go where the best movie scores are recorded. London-based AIR Studios was founded by Sir George Martin, a legendary producer often referred to as the “Fifth Beatle”. Lyndhurst Hall AIR has been the go-to place for Hollywood directors over the years, and countless blockbusters have been recorded here (The Lord of the Rings, Interstellar, Justice League, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean – the list goes on). Albion ONE has been recorded by award-winning engineers using world-class equipment: priceless ribbon and tube microphones through Neve Montserrat preamps, the largest 88R Neve console in the world, and flawless 2-inch tape. and then converted using Prism’s top-of-the-range 96k A / D converters. We did not spare any funds to capture this Collection in the same way as it is done for the film.
Albion’s original concept was simple – it had to be everything you needed to create your film score in one finished product. Spitfire Audio has brought together 109 of London’s finest musicians who regularly participate in Oscar-winning music sessions and major world concerts, and recorded them with a variety of techniques: short notes, long notes, tremolo, pizzicato, etc. Each of these techniques are fixed in note range and section (brass low, mid and high, wood high and low, and strings), giving you the flexibility to program and perform an orchestral composition with complete control.

More details

Albion ONE features Spitfire Audio’s proprietary legato articulation, combining adjacent samples for maximum musicality, and is triggered when a signal note triggers the recording of a section that plays phrases.
When it comes to microphone position, there are four options (closure, wood, outriggers, and environment) to suit the style of music you are writing and the scale you want to achieve. You are also provided with the popular “ostinatum” designer, which allows you to instantly create exciting, tense or dynamic rhythmic snippets.
Darwin Percussion
What about drums? Most movie scores will have some rhythmic accompaniment. Albion ONE has everything you need to succeed on a solid foundation, from subtle shades all the way to full blown mega hits. Spitfire Audio, also recorded at Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios, has brought together some of the largest drums in London. From high sticks to low taiko and toms, as well as recently added hits from Easter Island, some in sections and some of the solos were recorded with a dash of hyped blockbuster percussion. In summary, Jake Jackson, an experienced chief engineer at Spitfire Audio and a resident of AIR Studios, contributes further with his excellent mixes.
All of these samples are accessed through the Kickstart engine, an interface that makes it easy to display and play drums in your DAW of choice.
Brunel Loops, Walkthrough
In addition to singles at AIR Studios, Spitfire Audio has captured hundreds of raw and distorted loops from original recordings made at Spitfire Audio studios, featuring powerful percussionist Paul Clarvis (Specter, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Star Wars). Brunel Loops is a module based on the powerful eDNA engine – the perfect tool for modifying your music. It lets you synchronize two input sources with warp, sequencing, impact and blending – meaning there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating loops that sound your way.
Stephenson’s Steam Band
Albion ONE ‘s latest update includes 100 new Stephenson’s Steam Band presets, created by Spitfire Audio founders and composers Christian Henson and Paul Thomson.
At the same time, the recorded orchestral material has been pushed to the limit – everything you can imagine has been done with it. He was pushed, pulled, stretched, squeezed and crushed; Spitfire Audio processed it using everything from priceless vintage boat motors to crappy guitar pedals. Like Brunel Loops, this library is contained within a fully customizable eDNA engine, making Stevenson’s Steam Band synthesizer a dynamic, limitless orchestral synthesizer like no other. It’s easy to use and will be the first instrument of choice when you want to create pads and effects that bridge the gap between orchestral and electronic.
Albion ONE is a sample library designed to work seamlessly with Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player. It’s also NKS-ready – pre-configured and game-ready, with indicator lights for visual key switching, splitting and display feedback, and viewing hardware libraries.

What’s new?
In the latest version of this flagship product, updated for the landmark 10th anniversary of Spitfire Audio, Albion’s original legacy product has been expanded and rewritten to go beyond:
New user interface design and integration with NKS
Orchestral : 15 new combination patches, fun ways to combine different techniques and instrument groups.
Percussion : Additional Easter Island hits plus incredible new Jake Jackson mixes
Stevenson ‘s Steam Synth : 63 new sounds and 67 presets, all created by Spitfire Audio co-founder Christian Henson.
Brunel Loops : 78 new recordings of 8th, 16th and 12th rhythm patterns, as well as 90 new presets, including 51 made by Christian Henson.