LHI Audio – ST4b



ST4b is a multi-band transient shaper, but cooler.

To be blunt: if you’ve been underwhelmed by transient shapers or never found a use for them, this is the transient shaper for you. It gives you the ability to reshape sounds in ways that no other tools can, regardless of the genre you’re working in or whether your material is sampled or synthesized.

ST4b’s proprietary detection algorithm gives you control over even the fastest attacks – electronic drums, foley, raindrops, even single-sample impulses (if you’re so inclined). It’s precise enough that even the maximum boost or cut of 45dB sounds crisp and clean, and a smart auto-gain means you’re not constantly adjusting your gain staging. ST4b does it all with minimum CPU load and only 2 samples of latency.

Starting dry, alternating between wet and dry every 4 bars. No additional post-processing.
Original loop credit: Shroom Samples
Starting dry and alternating to wet and back every 2 bars. All bands at full +45dB transient boost. No additional post-processing.
Original loop credit: Royalston
Dry at 0:00, wet at 0:11. No additional post-processing.
Original loop credit: YAANOWilliam Light.
0 instances, then 1 instance, then 2 instances, then 3 instances. No additional post-processing.
When one just isn’t enough, ST4b’s low CPU usage means you can stack as many instances as you want. Go crazy.
Original loop credit: IMANU’s Patreon
Dry at 0:00, wet at 0:08. No additional post-processing.
Original loop credit: IMANU’s Patreon